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Written by: Mand paskuski

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Crime Dark Stoner Comedy Romance 

After accidentally stumbling upon a bold drug trafficking operation, a young woman and her lover's only hope of survival is to win a corrupt local frog race competition. 

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Tropical Sunset


Roxxie Frogs is a one-hour miscellaneous minute feature film screenplay and the reader should be given forewarning…this thing is allergic to formula.


Set somewhere in tropical paradise, this is a story about a young girl named Bully and her former lover Scotch, as they find themselves in the middle of a drug heist by accident.


A beat or two before it’s revealed that their way out of this mess involves a little frog race with an anonymous pot we happen to know is higher than usual. 


Roxxie Frogs is a unique and wild ride! 

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Non-conventional in all ways but respectfully linear. We follow Bully and Scotch through most of the debauchery and into the eye of the squall. Things seem normal in paradise, until Scotch informs Bully he wishes to cut their date short and pilfer a boat docked at The Marina.


They embark on an illegal joy-ride and wind up on a lonely island. While on this island they fall witness to a drug trafficking operation involving the transport of highly valuable drugs. 


Two "Mules" have gone missing, causing panic for the Crime Bosses. Bully and Scotch manage to find a way off of the island, but a serious mistake implicates them at the scene. Now, having been privy to this new information they must decide whether or not to enter the frog race and risk it all. 


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Green Plants


If I had it my way:

Bruce Robinson would script doctor this thing into something shootable enough for Terry Gilliam to direct (because Bruce won't want to do it himself and Gilliam might just be that mad!). An unknown ingénue gets her lucky big break playing debaucherous BULLY opposite a seasoned male actor in the role of SCOTCH. The rest of it doesn’t matter, people will see it’s a Harmony Korine wet dream meets Fear and Loathing in some place that grows coconuts. 


Of course, frame by frame we should feel high as a kite… mixing business with pleasure and illusion with reality. It’s almost as if we’ve woken up in some hellish acid-tripped nightmare or underneath the shoot tarp of a Killer Mike music video. What the fuck is happening? We should wonder.  

Christopher Young on Score, the rest filled in with classic beach tunes from the 80's... and of course: Enrique Iglasias ringtones.

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B U L L Y (Mid 30’s), is young, beautiful and completely prone to getting herself in trouble. It seems wherever she goes, chaos follows. At the time we meet her she’s lost in tropical hell and on her way to meet her former lover SCOTCH. She and he are kindred spirits and altogether perfect matches if not for the age gap – however that seems to bother them little as opposed to other problems. It’s a relationship that has been the main point of heart pains for her and she wears it on her sleeve, open to the world. A former frog-race jockey career almost cut short due to heartbreak and threats. Bully is resilient, stubborn, headstrong and above all else has a heart of gold.


S C O T C H (50’s), is charming, painfully handsome and free. After taking some time for himself to traverse the world and find his heart, he returns to meet with Bully and pick up where they left off. Scotch is level-headed with a strong constitution and firm set of values based off his many experiences and run-ins with life. A little worn down, but smiling still, he sees the good in the world and generally maintains a glass-half-full kind of perspective. He’s as stubborn and wild as Bully and as a result, despite all the reasons not to be together, he loves her.


S A L A M A N  D E L K A I A (40’s), is the spitting image of Pacino in his prime. He’s got the accent too, full Goodfella. He’s ballsy, brazen, ruthless and suave. He’s responsible for most of the drugs sold on this part of the tropics and along with his business partner RACK has discovered a way to make a lot of money in a very quick, easy, dirty way.


R A C K  M O N T G O M E R Y (30’s), is crazy. He’s fucking crazy. He’s got a personality like a switch and it can flip just as fast as his mood. Always with some kind of weapon, he loves the threat but hates the execution. As a result, following him at all times are two henchmen to carry out his dirty work. Along with Delkaia, he runs the other side of the tropics in the trades of supply and demand. He’s made quite the name for himself as the kingpin drug lord about the streets.


C U R A K O (30’s), is Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, Penelope Cruz in Blow. She’s the bad girl with the killer good looks and deadly smarts. Men want her, women want to be her. She just so happens to be Scotch’s hateful ex wife and a damn fine frog racer herself. Currently, she enjoys hanging off the arm of Rack Montgomery.


G O R D I E (30’s), is beautiful, sweet, and completely oblivious. She’s Bully’s roommate and you could say she’s the reason things get crazy within this little story. Having been privy to Scotch and Bully’s complicated relationship, she’s the sounding board for Bully’s best interest. It’s clear she doesn’t approve, but it has nothing to do with the age difference… she’s dating an older man herself. Gordie is the the best friend we all wish we had.

supporting cast




(30's), Drink-Slinger at The Cat's Meow

(30's), Bully's roommate. Works at The Knick Knack Shop

(40's), Owner of Chico's All Day Foodstuffs. Frog-race gambler and Bookie 


R A S T A 
F A R - O U T
M A N 

(40's), Playboy billionaire. Frog race gambler and Frenzo Sponsor 

(Mid 30's), Works on Da Booze Cruise Boat. Frog racer / jockey 

Hopperhorn 1.jpeg

H O P P E R H O R N 

Rosie 1.jpeg

R O S I E  F L A C K 

K E R M  M c G R A W 

Bingo 1.jpeg

B I N G O 

(40's) Commentators of The Forty-Third Annual Frog Race Jubilee 

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the script

A SCREENPLAY BY mand paskuski

2022laurels_white_Screenplay Quarterfinalist.png
SEMIFINALIST - Stage 32 Female Driven Screenwriting Contest - 2024.png
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Actors Reading

(From left to right)

Mand Paskuski (Writer), Jeremy Klassen (Narrator), Kapila Rego, Julian Nelson, Victoria Souter, Massimo Frau, Ryan Sanders, Timothy Paul Coderre, James Davies

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